About this website

Hi, I’m Neil Gruending and Gruending Design is my hardware engineering and software development blog. I mostly write about problems I encounter while working on various projects but sometimes I also do tutorials like the popular DesignSpark series. I also write the “DesignSpark Tips and Tricks” and “Weird Components” articles for Elektor Magazine. Look for a new project section to be added soon!

About me

I’m an embedded Linux and mobile application developer working quietly behind the scenes powering the products that no one thinks about. Before that I spent 15 years as a hardware designer and embedded software developer working on automtive products which I guess is kind of related. Either way I think that technology should be invisible to the user as much as possible so I spend a lot of time worrying about edge cases and testing. Writing about my experiences is my attempt to share what I’ve learned the hard way.

Where to find me on the web