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PCB Software Comparison

How much should you spend on PCB design software? Is free really a good deal? I recently needed to find a package on a budget for my personal work so I set out to see what was available. I’ve used packages like┬áPADS, OrCAD, and Altium Designer for a long time but they were out of my price range. It was apparent after I went through many of my previous projects that most of the designs I’ve done only use a small portion of the features that those packages offered. In fact, I would guess that 90% of those designs could be done with a basic entry level tool so I decided to start there.

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Chroma 62006P-100-2 Power Supply Review

Chroma ATE has been quietly making really good power supplies for a long time. Today I’m going to talk about 62006P-100-25 which is a 100V 25A power supply with a built in arbitrary function generator. I’ve been using one now for about a year and it’s definitely the best value for the dollar out there now if you need a high end power supply.

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