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Looking for an experienced freelance design engineer? I’ve been designing electronics and writing embedded software for over 15 years with hundreds of thousands of units shipped. I specialize in automotive, industrial and embedded applications like:

  • Ruggedizing products. I’ve been testing and designing products for difficult conditions (vibration, temperature, electrical, water) for years. Put that experience to work solving your product challenges.
  • Embedded Linux and Android. There are a lot of ways to use Linux/Android in your product. I can help you choose the best solution to get you up and running quickly. If you need help with your application software I can help with that too!
  • Linux kernel drivers. I’ve worked on custom ARM SOC drivers, Video4Linux (v4l) drivers and custom video camera drivers. I can deliver faster because I understand hardware interfaces and how to debug them while working on the driver.
  • Networking. I’ve done a lot of work with network protocols (H263, H264, SIP), wireless protocols (Zigbee, Bluetooth) and serial links. I can help you quickly trouble shoot and fix your networking problems, saving you time and money.
  • Open source software. I can guide you myriad of open source licenses and what they mean to you and your business. I can also customize the software to your specific needs.
  • AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies. Need UL, SAE, DO or MILSTD compliance? I can help cut your testing costs by getting your design passing sooner and with fewer iterations.
  • SLA and Li-ion battery chargers. I can reduce your liability for charger failures by providing a safe, fault tolerant design based on my years of testing and experience.

Services I offer:

  • Electronics design. FPGAs, DSPs, microcontrollers, RF, analog, digital.
  • PCB layout using Pulsonix, Altium Designer or DesignSpark PCB. I can use other packages if you provide the license.
  • Embedded firmware. C, C++, assembler
  • Linux applications. C, C++, Python, PHP
  • Linux kernel drivers.
  • Android applications.
  • Product testing. Put my internal test lab to work for you.

We are very pleased to have you as the designer, builder and supplier of our digital counters on board our WaterFillz® stations. The counter is a major component for our water stations as it offers the users a feeling of contributing to the “Ban the Bottle” cause. Your equipment is operating flawlessly! — Paul S. Wilson, President and CEO, WaterFillz

Previous clients:

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